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Sound Suit

Sound Suit

I believe that this prop has the potential to revolutionize stage performances and sound effects. Just that triggers magic, a door bell, crashing sounds, music for an entrance, thunder, a knock on a door… Sound effects are necessary in many situations. Up until now, for a sound effect to work, it was necessary for a performer to work closely with the sound operator or to move at the exact same timing every time when performing to a pre-recorded track. Being a performer myself, I can attest that this is very stressful for a performer. Moreover, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have a sound effect that matches an improvised movement. Think back on the miserable times you wanted a sound effect but gave up because it was not possible to have one. The Sound suit was devised as a step to solve these issues.

Thanks to this device, there is no need to hold countless meetings with the sound operator. Have a cup of coffee instead with all the time that you are saving. Can record sound effect only in SP-404. actors, dancers, magicians, pantomime performers, clowns.... Use spreads by your imagination endlessly!

Product features

  • Sound effects match the performer’s own timing, wireless, anywhere he wants.

  • Switch are easy put on and release a jacket.

  • WIRELESS ! the own timing anywhere he wants.

  • No need to hold countless meetings with the sound operator.

  • Uses Roland sampler SP-404, which produces CD quality sound effects.

  • No modify SP-404 , usable as a sampler at the same time.

  • Import sounds edited on a computer via Compact Flash.

  • Abundant option

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